How to Draw in Powerpoint 

Finding the Drawing Tools

The shapes tools are stored in the ribbon at the top of the screen. When you first open PowerPoint they are roughly in the middle. You can also access them via the 'Insert' tab.

To add a shape, left-click on it and then click and drag where you want to put it.

Changing Colours & Outlines

You can change the colour of your shape and give it an outline. Left-click on your shape. At the top of your screen, you should see a button for 'Shape Fill' and another for "Shape Outline".

If you left-click on 'Shape Fill' you can change the colour of the inside of your shape. You can also remove the colour by clicking 'No Fill'

If you left-click on 'Shape Outline' you can change the colour of the outside edge of your shape. You can also remove the edge colour by clicking 'No Outline'.  If you move your mouse down further to 'Weight' you can make the outline thicker or thinner.

Drawing using Shapes

You can use the merge shapes tools to create complex shapes from simple ones.

You must select 2 or more shapes. To do this press and hold the Shift key while you select each shape.

(If you don't select more than 1 shape, then the Merge Shapes button in step 2 will be grayed out.)

On the 'Shape Format', select 'Merge Shapes' to see the merge shape options.

Drawing Freely by using Lines

You can draw ANY shape by using the curve or freeform tools. Both work like a dot-to-dot. 

Use single clicks to draw the shape. If you move your mouse back to where you started you can create a closed shape. If you double click it will end the shape, creating an open shape.

Making Changes or Fixing Mistakes

Select the shape you want to change. Right-click on it and select 'Edit Points'.

Drag the black points to change the shape. Use the white square points to change the curve of the line.

Points can either be smooth (curved), straight, or a corner. Right-click on the point to change it. It’s easier to edit if the shape doesn’t have a fill colour. Add any colour fill back after you have finished.

Rearranging Shapes

Images & Shapes in PowerPoint are arranged in layers.

Click on the Shape you want to move, then at the top of the screen click on 'Arrange' then click the dropdown arrow. You can either 'Bring to Front' or 'Send to Back' which will move it in front of or behind everything. 

You can also 'Bring Forward' or 'Send Backward' which will only move it by one layer.