Our Mission

Everyone has artistic potential and the skills for Art & Design can be learnt by anyone. Learning about Art & Design gives you the opportunity to enrich your life and develop your self-confidence and creativity. Art encourages self-expression and has been shown to improve our health and well-being. Not only that but engaging in Art has been shown to develop our creativity, critical thinking, and our ability to interpret the world around us. Start your learning journey with us today.

I set up Art Bites because I am passionate about helping the world flex its visual muscles. I share my knowledge and expertise through short videos and articles designed specifically with high school art students and teachers in mind.

About Me

My name is Joshua Heaton and I've been teaching since 2019. I was born in Aberystwyth, Wales, and have lived in the West Midlands, Durham, Isle of Man, East Midlands, and Glasgow before finally settling back down in the Isle of Man where I met my wife.

We have been married since 2018 and my wife is a Manx native.  I attended Loughborough University where I earned my BA followed by my PGDE from Strathclyde University. My favourite things to do are draw, repair antique clocks and spend time with our 3 cats! 

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